About GCA

Global Coaching Alliance, LLC (GCA) is an executive coaching and leadership consulting firm dedicated to helping organizational leaders inspire the best in others and passionately pursue business objectives with vigor, insight and precision. GCA partners with leaders and teams to refine strategies, drive critical business outcomes and become more effective in shaping the world’s future. We accomplish this through focusing on leadership, team and organizational dynamics. GCA’s executive coaching, leadership development and team effectiveness coaching services are designed to support your organization in developing an increased capacity for learning and performance.

GCA’s management expertise assures that your developmental programs are delivered with global consistency and measurability. Our integrated affiliation with coaching and consulting partners on four continents allows us to customize our services, providing targeted, cost-effective results through matching our coaches’ expertise to your organizational needs. We understand the criticality of linking all leadership development and coaching initiatives to your bottom line and operational goals. As your strategic partner, we will help you build a results-driven coaching approach your line management can leverage to meet targeted business results.

GCA’s mission is to promote a world of commerce where organizations inspire individuals to creatively contribute, realize their full potential, and promote socially responsible business that respects and values all stakeholders: stockholders, employees, the environment, and the global communities in which they operate.

We envision a world where global organizations are led by conscious leaders who are responsible world citizens achieving their mission and promoting health and well-being among people and the countries they inhabit. GCA’s aspirations will be realized when global stock markets valuate enterprises on a triple bottom line: people, profits, and the planet.

Global Coaching Alliance is dedicated to building a self-aware, self-responsible, and values-driven world community.