Global Reach

GCA’s access to global talent is our greatest asset and competitive advantage. Our international alliance of executive coaches and leadership development specialists are certified, trained, and fully committed to producing results.  We are thought leaders, published authors and sit on credentialing committees of coaching associations around the globe.  We are inspired to remain on the cutting edge of our industry. 

GCA’s global team is represented by close to 80 top-tier coaches around the world. This allows us to deliver strategically consistent coaching initiatives with talent ‘on the ground’ with leaders in the areas of the world in which they serve.  All of our alliance partners have been rigorously vetted against GCA’s operating and delivery standards and bring an average of 15 years corporate experience in service to our clients. In partnership, we help our clients maximize the return on investment in their people through assisting individuals to reach their full potential.

Our integrated affiliation with partners on 4 continents allows us to customize our services providing targeted, cost-effective results through matching our coaches’ expertise to your organizational needs. Our deep cross-cultural knowledge and systems perspective will ensure your people, strategies, and leadership are aligned with the overall goals and objectives of your business and the needs of your customers and global stakeholders. Access to our world class team of coaches allows GCA to provide large-scale, company-wide coaching initiatives designed to support your organization’s bottom line – profitability.

GCA is successfully servicing client organizations in:

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • Asia

We take the same approach to building our team as those in service of our clients.  We promote communities of action that are driven by shared values and purpose, a dedication to service, and coaching for sustainable leadership in the spirit of supporting our clients’ enterprise-wide objectives.