"There is growing interest in coaching today because we live in a world of increasing complexity and continuous change. Stability in such an environment comes from being anchored by a clear purpose and engaged in authentic expressions of who we are. The work of coaching is to help define how to link the inner world of our purpose with the outer world where we express our various roles – careerist, parent, partner, friend, team-member and community citizen."

- Frederic Hudson

What began with a dream about the possibilities of work, the longing we share as humans to be a part of something larger than ourselves, the importance of leadership to the sustainability of our planet, that our future rests in community, and that organizations could provide an opportunity to call our best selves forward in service to conscious commerce, has grown into an international consortium of world class coaches and leadership strategists that spans four continents. 

While we come together in the spirit of building business and successful enterprise, what is most valuable to us is building a community of authentic practitioners who are dedicated to cultivating wise leadership and healthy organizations that promote decency, dignity and wakefulness. Today’s organizations’ greatest assets are its people in the form of innovation, time, attention, ideas, passion and networks.  Success is no longer about getting productivity out of workers -  it is about creating value for them – productivityis personal. 

We believe executive coaching and talent development are central to a cultural evolution process that shifts the landscape of the workplace from one where people receive directions from others to one where people are personally motivated to contribute.   Coaching is about learning. Learning to expand the way we observe, relate to, and engage the world by challenging the underlying beliefs and assumptions that are responsible for our actions and behaviors. Understanding the principles upon which we form our identities leads to expanded possibilities for relationships, contributions and achievements.

We have held our values “front and center” for the past fifteen years:  collaboration, achievement, elegance, impact, honor and creating long term value in a fun and engaging environment.  We intend to remain at the cutting edge of how executive coaching and leadership development initiatives evolve as tools through which critical business goals are met. We set industry standards with respect to integrity, ethics, and education.  Together we promote sustainable leadership and community worldwide.

GCA’s mission is to promote a world of commerce where organizations inspire individuals to creatively contribute, realize their full human potential, and promote socially responsible business that respects and values all stakeholders: stockholders, employees, the environment, and the global communities in which they operate.