Types of Clients

Our clients share an aspiration to lead in their fields and a desire to generate new ideas and inspired actions through fostering conscious leadership, social intelligence, agility and confidence.

GCA’s clients build organizational environments that promote a holistic approach to professional achievement, promote meaning through aligning the individual with the organization, and inspire passionate engagement by establishing a compelling vision of the future. This proven approach produces intrinsic motivation, unparalleled performance, and shared accountability for the success of your organization.

GCA aspires to work in cultures in which

  • Personal and professional development is an organizational value
  • Coaching is endorsed at the highest levels
  • Creation of value for the workforce drives talent and development priorities – productivityis personal
  • Leadership appreciates executive development as a competitive advantage and strategic driver
  • There is collaborative energy towards a shared vision and common purpose
  • There is keen understanding of the way to leverage external coaches in support of growing internal capabilities

Areas of Coaching/Consulting Focus

VP's, SVP's, EVP's and C-Level Executives

  • Leading effectively during times of rapid change
  • Identifying and resolving challenging organizational problems
  • Cultivating optimal team dynamics
  • Developing communications and political skills
  • Making sound career choices
  • Listening to the organization with climate surveys and focus groups 

Competitive Advantage Consulting & Coaching:

  • Helping top executives shift leadership and management styles/behaviors in order to skillfully adapt to and manage conflicts, rapid change and unseen challenges
  • Implementing organizational changes (e.g. acquisitions, divestitures, downsizings, new ventures) while building and insuring buy in from all levels of the enterprise
  • Implementing effective internal communications strategies designed to foster sustained commitment and results 

Leadership Development and Performance Coaching:

  • Succession planning
  • 3600 feedback processes
  • Comprehensive performance management program design and implementation
  • Customized competency based models
  • Focus on strengthening emotional intelligence and interpersonal behaviors

Team & Group Coaching

  • Senior Leadership Teams
  • Management Teams
  • Operational Teams
  • Transition Teams
  • Project-Specific Teams
  • Sales Team
  • Cross-Functional Teams
  • Cross-Cultural Teams
  • Global Delivery Teams