GCA’s access to global talent is our greatest asset and competitive advantage. Our international alliance of executive coaches and leadership development specialists are certified, trained, and fully committed to producing results. We are thought leaders, published authors, former executives, and sit on credentialing committees of coaching associations around the globe.  We are inspired to remain on the cutting edge of our industry. 

GCA’s coaches bring a systems perspective in service to our clients and appreciate that each industry has its own emotional ecology and adaptive traits that are expressed through its leaders.  Our deep cross-cultural knowledge and systems perspective will ensure your people, strategies and leadership are aligned with the overall objectives of your business and the needs of your customers. 

We consider ourselves master collaborators, and our alliance of 80 coaching partners on four continents allows us to customize our coaching services, providing our clients with targeted, cost-effective results through matching our coaches’ expertise to your organizational needs. Access to our team of world class coaches coupled with our web-based administrative tools allows GCA to scale our coaching services to the unique scope and needs of each client. Whether we are providing large-scale, company-wide coaching initiatives or targeted engagements for mid-sized firms, we pride ourselves in partnering with enterprises to match talented coaches with inspired leaders to bring about extraordinary results