Diagnostics and assessments are a crucial phase of any coaching effort, and provide a behavioral and/or performance-oriented mirror to help organizations and individuals better understand themselves and how others perceive them. This feedback gives organizations and individuals greater self-awareness, and provides the insights needed to narrow the gap between current levels of performance and desired levels of achievement.

The coach can select among a wide variety of assessment instruments, including personality, learning, interest, and leadership style indicators. Observing the executive in action in her usual work setting provides assessment data, as does interviewing her, her peers, direct reports, manager, and other stakeholders. In some cases the coach administers a formal 360 assessment. Our experience is that a well executed 360 interview at the beginning and end of the engagement is optimal for client learning and the organization.

GCA employs a broad spectrum of advanced assessment and diagnostic tools and methods. Evaluative resources are chosen based on organizational and individual needs. While our coaches are trained and certified in a wide range of assessment tools, we are open to working with assessments currently being leveraged within your organization’s culture.