Global Tracking

Global Coaching Alliance, LLC (GCA) has customized an on-line client portal that automates the administration of each engagement’s benchmarks, quality and financial controls. Your HR personnel can view coach bios, make coaching requests, and track details of each engagement including status (pending, active, complete), benchmark requirements, location, title, business function, and coaching focus of every client under our management.

When an organization elects to customize our technology to meet their unique requirements, GCA has the ability to provide key personnel with password protected access to a variety of web based tools and information. This affords your management a ‘real time’ view of coaching activity from a snap shot of the status of each engagement as well as an overall global snapshot of your company’s coaching engagements including location, business function, costs, and quality. This provides you with greater control over executive coaching budgets. A customized portal typically includes the client coaching philosophy, policies and procedures, tips on interviewing a coach, administrative guidelines and more. We can include your current materials or provide templates and copy for your approval.

Our tracking and reporting provides timely updates, reviews and evaluations of the program to all appropriate stakeholders, ensuring cost control, ease of access, superior quality and supervision of all coaching assignments.