Managed Coaching Services

Global Coaching Alliance, LLC (GCA) supports organizations in designing and executing executive coaching & leadership development programs that:

  • can be globally scaled
  • meet best practice standards
  • align with organizational strategy, culture and values
  • insure quality and measure results
  • provide ease of administration and financial control

Our process is designed to fully integrate coaching with business objectives by aligning the coaching program with talent management, performance management, and succession planning. In order to position coaching as a strategic tool, our management team is prepared to:

  • Meet with senior leaders to identify priorities, establish “top-down” buy-in and increase organizational commitment to the program.
  • Work with Human Resources in communicating the program, finalizing coaching policies and establishing administrative procedures. 
  • Work with talent management to define clearly articulated leadership competencies, accelerate high potential development and build a leadership pipeline.
  • Coordinate with client administration to ensure consistent application of coaching policies, procedures, eligibility, quality controls and financial discipline.