Coaching, whether individual, team, or group, unfolds within a broader “living” organizational setting.  GCA brings a systems perspective in service to our clients and appreciate that each industry has its own emotional ecology and adaptive traits that are expressed through its leaders.  Our deep cross-cultural knowledge and systems perspective will ensure your people, strategies and leadership are aligned with the overall objectives of your business and the needs of your customers. 
GCA’s approach provides a solid framework from which to identify your organizational goals, areas for executive development, accountability structures, performance-related outcome measures, and to establish structure for sustained improvement.  The elegance and precision we bring to our execution is a reflection of our core values as an organization.

We design and customize our services, providing targeted, cost-effective results through matching our coaches’ expertise to your organizational needs.  Executive coaching, whether individual, team or group, becomes strategic in the preparation that precedes the actual coaching process. In collaboration with the contracting organization, GCA begins by defining the strategic context of the relationship.

  • What are the primary business challenges facing your organization?
  • What are the specific business goals your organization intends to achieve?
  • What core competencies are vital for success within your organization?
  • What leadership skills, knowledge, and abilities have been critical for success in your organization in the past? What is required in the future?
  • What is your organization’s strategy for developing future leaders? How do you evaluate the success of your approach?
  • What outcome measures will be established to positively determine your return on investment for GCA’s services?

GCA’s management expertise assures that your developmental programs are delivered with consistency and measurability. This means that services delivered to your globally dispersed executives will be aligned with your overall corporate strategy and the business goals driving your development efforts. Our project management approach allow us to systematically manage large-scale coaching programs, track individual progress, identify themes unique to your organization, and provide your human resources department with comprehensive quarterly status reports.