10-Step Process

10 Steps for a Singular Result – Success

Global Coaching Alliance, LLC (GCA) applies a ten phase process that aligns coaching with business objectives, tracks all engagements consistently across the organization and applies cutting edge adult learning principles. As an action-based approach to learning, GCA’s coaching process provides tools, support and resources when the learner/leader needs them – on the job as challenges and learning naturally arise.  Coaching sessions center on implementing a Coaching Development Plan (CDP) which offers a map for mastering behavior changes leading to improved performance in the current role and increased potential for the future. The CDP is developed by the coach and client and is based on insights gathered from colleague feedback, personal reflection and intake instruments.

Our management team works hard at the beginning of the relationship and throughout the engagement to understand the organizational context for identifying, developing and retaining talented leaders. By taking this strategic approach to talent development, we ensure that each coaching engagement is managed consistent with your organization’s vision, values, and strategy.

GCA recommends a formal, proven 10-step process for building sustainable talent through effective coaching. Click here for a chart of our process.

Step Summary
1 Development Conversation Depending upon circumstances, the Client, the Sponsor or the Human Resource Business Partner (HRBP) will recognize the potential benefits of engaging a Coach for the Client. The HRBP will need to facilitate “development conversations” among the stakeholders to broadly define objectives and gain agreement to engage a Coach.
2 Engagement Process   Once the stakeholders are aligned the GCA management team is contacted by phone or email to brief GCA on the engagement and set the stage for moving forward. A coaching engagement is initiated through the GCA coaching portal by completing the coaching request form.
3 Contracting for Success GCA management will reach out to the Sponsor, the HRBP and Client to clarify needs, identify organizational context and determine a “fit” between Client and GCA’s coach bench. Working directly with the Client, GCA will arrange interviews with 2 – 3 coaches and bring the process to a final selection. HRBP involvement in the selection is at the discretion of the Client and HRBP.
4 Assessment and Diagnostics Depending upon the needs and the outcomes desired, and the nature of the coaching assignment, the Coach will conduct assessments and/or a series of interviews to define objectives and to shape a Coaching Development Plan (CDP). Input from the HRBP and Sponsor is highly recommended. Assessment integration and recommendation to be based on Client need.
5 Coaching Development Plan (CDP) The Coach and Client produce a CDP that is shared with both the Sponsor and HRBP for formal approval. The CDP defines timeframes, objectives, likely outcomes, stakeholder responsibilities and potential challenges.
6 Coaching for Success Coach and Client bring the CDP “to life”: the Coach supports the Client by providing challenges to accelerate learning, leverage strengths, close identified performance gaps, and identify opportunities for improvement. Achievements are celebrated; breakdowns are reviewed and analyzed to gain insights for removing future impediments to progress.
7 Progress Report
Midpoint Review
As defined by the CDP, the Coach and Client produce a midpoint review for the Sponsor and HRBP review and approval. GCA management will reach out to Client to ensure satisfaction, progress against deliverables, and to provide any support or guidance required.
8 Coaching for Sustainability Client and Coach work together to utilize and integrate new learnings and behaviors into the Client’s day-to-day role and responsibilities. At the completion of this stage the Client has fully integrated the learning into his/her behavior and is able to self-manage their new way of being; the Client embodies expanded leadership competencies that lead to successful long-term improvements.
9 Close, Evaluate, Measure
Final Outcomes Evaluation
As defined by the CDP, the Coach and Client produce a final review for the Sponsor and HRBP.  Typically, such a review includes a set of 360 interviews to gauge progress. Evaluations will be completed by the Client, HRBP, Sponsor and Coach. At times, the Client and Sponsor may want to extend the contract and coaching engagement. The Coach and Client will produce an addendum to the CDP, setting out new objectives and defined timeframes and begin the coaching process again at step 8.
10 Transition Client to Internal Resources Sustainability and transition plan will be included in the final outcomes conversation between the Client, HRBP, Sponsor and Coach.