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Quality Controls

Effective executive coaching is both an art and a science. Administering an effective coaching program requires consistency, accountability, and quality control. Whether we are serving one executive coaching client or a hundred within an organization we design engagements around clearly defined engagement parameters included in our 10-step coaching model.

Matching the Client with the right coach is not an administrative issue; it is a chemistry and talent-driven issue. GCA assigns a managing partner to every coaching engagement to oversee the process, to ensure coaching goals are robust, benchmarks are met, and financial integrity is maintained. Our managing partner is responsible for working in partnership with your Human Resource Business Partner (HRBP) to understand the Client’s (coachee) need, the business environment in which the Client is working, the quality of the Client’s relationship with their sponsor (manager), peers, and direct reports, and the challenges the Client may be facing. To ensure the Client is presented with “best fit” coaching candidates, communication with stakeholders during this phase is critical. We are very hands-on, high-touch and we know our coaching team.

Administering is not simply a spreadsheet, it is ensuring benchmarks are met and exceeded, timelines are honored, and reports are thorough. While our portal provides a robust management tool the heart of this process lies in the relationships we hold with our client partners.