Stakeholder Engagement

At GCA, we understand coaching is about talent: matching a talented coach with a talented leader and relentlessly supporting the learning that takes place. Our experience has also shown that developing talent through coaching is most effective as a four-way partnership between the Client, the Sponsor/Manager, Human Resources and the Coach. Each partner has an obligation and responsibility to contribute to the success of the coaching process and the contracting agreement is developed through dialogue between these four principal stakeholders. Although the primary work is between the Client and Coach, coaching is always part of an organizational strategy and as such, should include all stakeholders and be conducted within the framework of the organization’s goals and objectives.

Because of this focus, GCA assigns a managing partner to every coaching engagement to oversee the entire process. Working with each stakeholder, the managing partner builds alignment, shapes a common view, and maps out a shared vision for the coaching engagement. As importantly, the managing partner helps the Client identify, interview and select a Coach who has the “right chemistry” and is well suited for the engagement.  At the end of each engagement, the managing partner works with the stakeholders to evaluate the impact.

Stakeholder Engagement – Roles and Responsibilities [Click to view chart]

Client (Coachee) The leader selected to receive coaching services. Engages the coaching process wholeheartedly, demonstrating a high level of commitment to self-improvement and learning.
Coach The talent professional chosen by the client as partner in the coaching process.   Guides and inspires the client to explore personal and professional growth in an atmosphere of  trust and mutual respect.
Executive Sponsor The leader, usually the client’s direct manager, who supports and authorizes the coaching assignment.   Agrees with the client and HR on engaging a coach and plays a central role in guiding the assignment and insuring the sustainability of the client’s learning.
HR Business Partner The HR generalist responsible for managing human resources deliverables in the client’s business unit.   Agrees with the client and executive sponsor on engaging a coach and works with GCA to ensure that the coaching assignment is managed well.  
Deployed Manager Any team, project or business unit manager that the client is responsible to for delivering results.    Provides vital input and perspective to the coach and client for exploring areas for improvement and directly supports the client in sustaining long term growth. 
Global Coaching Alliance   Responsible for providing access to high quality coaches and accurate administration of the program.   Provides high quality coaches, quality controls, procedure, and accurate administration of the program.