Managed Coaching Services

Managed Coaching Services

Global Coaching Alignment
GCA is built to function as a Managed Coaching Services Provider (MCSP) where we help enterprises design and manage globally-scaled executive coaching programs that generate results based on industry best practices.

Our approach maximizes coaching impact for our MCSP clients by closely managing costs & quality, maintaining web based administrative tools, matching coach and client with best fit chemistry, and aligning with the enterprise’s business strategy, culture and values. We manage each engagement by applying a tested 10-phase process that ensures consistency and quality across the organization.

Client: Global Fortune 500 Company

Client Need

Move decentralized coaching initiatives into a centrally managed, quality controlled and financially disciplined program.

GCA provided a MCSP solution to our client’s Global Executive Coaching Program, deploying coaches to over 40 engagements, documenting improved quality and delivering 15%+ cost savings within the first 18 months. Our best practice expertise, access to talent, disciplined management, and administrative efficiencies delivered a forward-thinking and performance-driven coaching experience.

Our approach delivered against the following objectives:

Client Need Results
Strategic Alignment  
Coaching not fully aligned with talent management Coaching as lever for accelerating talent and leadership development
External coaching community not informed of key leadership messages, business and industry challenges Coaching as lever for building competencies required to successfully meet industry challenges
  Coaches aligned around key messages
  Coaches reinforcing key messages and transforming them into competencies
Poor line of sight on participation and value to the business Participation, cost and business impact tracked
Operational Excellence  
Inconsistent processes meant that relevant information does not come back to line manager and organization Consistent processes support development of clients and business relevance of program. Processes in place to ensure sponsors, clients and HRBP are kept fully informed
Little requirement to show business results or coaching goals Coaching begins with business need.
All coaching assignments have clearly articulated goals and systematic tracking of progress towards meeting objectives
Coaching becomes routine relationship and the value proposition is put in question (are we getting value?) Passionate and performance driven coaching
Each engagement evaluated for impact
No centralized financial tracking Full transparency of coaching expenditures based on business function, executive title, global location; our approach resulted in a 15% savings the first 18 months
Coaching Basics  
Lack of adherence to organization’s coaching protocol Protocol is consistently followed
HR and Sponsoring Line Manager not involved in contracting, updates and coaching extensions Stakeholder ownership and involvement
Coaching used to meet too wide a range of needs Coaching used to develop more effective leadership skills that create business results
Coaching too often has open-ended timeframes Coaching is a time-bound period of accelerated development