R & D Vice President

Client: R & D Vice President at Top 5 Pharmaceutical Company

Client Need

"Top talent" scientist in global leadership role who needed support in building his team, creating a bridge between US and global initiatives, aligning strategies and developing a deeper understanding of leadership.  Client was seen as a major player in driving company direction although his delivery style negatively impacted his ability to influence. 


Our work included strategies to get him out of his comfort zone and show his heart, learn to deeply and relevantly connect with others, voice his passion in inclusive ways, learn to lead and coach his team.  Major accomplishments included his leading the formation of a global team to meet challenges presented by one of their major drugs coming under negative public scrutiny.  He formulated a strategy and fostered enterprise-wide buy-in to a communications plan that changed the organization’s policy to public access of drug related research.  In addition, his ability to more positively influence within the organization led him to be viewed as a top contender for a role two-tiers up his reporting line.