Sales Leadership

Client: The National Sales Director for an oncology sales leadership team within a major pharmaceutical company.

Client Need

The team had undergone significant organizational changes and had new challenges in the marketplace.  GCA designed and led a two day workshop for the leadership team to develop working relationships and expectations, as well as operating norms, within the context of the new changes and challenges. Utilizing team data from assessments conducted, the group went through a series of exercises to define how they could apply the data to generate greater relatedness, trust and commitment across the leadership team. The team then developed a team charter that served as their vision or guidepost, and defined accountabilities for self-managing themselves based on their agreed norms. Finally, the team defined a “team challenge” around which they could collaborate and apply the learnings and agreements from the workshop. GCA met with the National Sales Director for coaching sessions, as well as with the team itself periodically, to support the commitments the leaders had made. 


The leadership team was able to align around their commitments and effectively communicate that to their teams. The teams exceeded sales goals in the face of significant challenges, and engagement scores across the group were among the highest in the sales organization.