Katherine Handin, MCC - CEO

Katherine Handin is dedicated to helping leaders achieve competitive advantage in the context of 21st century realities: rapid change, increasing complexity, global forces, and fluid organizational structures. Her executive coaching and consulting services are designed to refine strategies, drive critical business outcomes, and build your organization’s capacity to become more effective in shaping the world’s future. Areas of expertise include executive coaching, leadership development, performance management, cross-cultural and cross- functional team building, and strategic alignment.

Twenty years of in-house corporate experience combined with her experience in behavioral development and systems process theory position her as a valued confidant to senior executives facing leadership, performance, and team effectiveness challenges. Katherine’s deep cross-cultural knowledge and systems perspective will ensure your people, strategies, and leadership are aligned with the overall goals and objectives of your business, the needs of your customers, and global stakeholders. She has facilitated individual and group developmental processes since 1988.

Katherine founded Global Coaching Alliance (GCA), an executive coaching and strategic consulting firm, in 2000. Katherine’s global team understands the psychology of performance management. Individual potential and accountability increase when your organization engages your employees’ hearts and minds through providing a platform from which meaning, passion, and contribution are experienced. Aligning individual values and aspirations with the values, vision, and strategy of your organization produces intrinsic motivation, unparalleled performance, and sustainable profitability. Katherine’s process marries individual growth with organizational performance and ensures shared accountability for the successful implementation of your strategic plan and business objectives.

Competitive Advantage Consulting & Coaching:
Enhance/build leadership skills to stay ahead of the curve, drive business and financial results during times of rapid change.

Leadership Development
Strengthen emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and interpersonal
behaviors to expand influencing strategies; motivate, align, and drive performance; prepare for future roles.

Performance Coaching:
Provide focus, support, and strategic business knowledge to executives whose division/s are meeting upgraded expectations, are behind plan, or at risk of failure to meet targets; development of customized, competency-based performance management systems.

Strategic Influencing
Help executives learn to more effectively work the “white space” in the
organization, build relationships, and attain greater ability to contribute and positively impact the organization’s future.

Katherine studied sociology at the University of Texas, received her certification in organizational coaching from the Hudson Institute and is a certified Somatic Coach through the Strozzi Institute. She holds the prestigious Master Certified Coach (MCC) accreditation through the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and is a member of the SupportTED coaching team. Katherine has presented at the Conference Board, has been a keynote speaker at regional and national coaching conferences, and is a member of the Advisory Board of the Enterprise Management Consulting Practice at the Fox School of Business, Temple University. She has been published in The Global Business and Organizational Excellence Journal and has been a featured guest addressing leadership issues on WHYY radio.