Research and Insights: Learning Resources We Love


Strozzi Institute
The pioneer in somatic studies. Founded by Dr. Richard Strozzi-Heckler the Institute provides a uniquely integrated approach to leadership development and an extremely holistic perspective to the coaching process.

Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara
One of the premier coach development organizations in the U.S. and among the founding organizations of the International Coach Federation.

Generative Conversations

The Build Network
With a truly unique format, the information here is short, crisp, relevant, and actionable. Well worth a visit for every CEO.

This social networking site offers one of the best listening posts on the Internet. Virtually every major brand is represented on Twitter, as well as numerous thought leaders, and CEOs like Richard Branson, Michael Dell, Marissa Mayer, Thomas Geisel, Rupert Murdoch, and many more. If you think you’re too busy, or too important to be on Twitter, think again.

“Ideas Worth Spreading.” Want to know what’s coming next? Visit the TED website and view videos from the world’s hottest innovators and thought leaders.  One of our favorite incubators of innovation and generative conversations; our CEO serves on the CoachTED team.

Research and Intelligence

Corporate Executive Board
There aren’t too many global brands who aren’t members. This site keeps top leaders better informed on a variety of topics.

Probably the world’s best known business research firm. Forrester covers all major segments with top-notch analysts.

The SEC database on securities filings and forms. If you want the latest info on public companies, this the place to find what you’re looking for (10k, 10Q, etc,).

The world’s second largest search engine (a subsidiary of the largest) is a great resource when you need topical video content at your fingertips. It was recently reported users watch 4 Billion hours of YouTube videos a month.

Hack Management 2.0
Better known as the Management Innovation eXchange, this site encourages fresh debate on topics related to leadership and management. The site also sponsors numerous competitions for innovative submissions on the hot business topics of the day. You’ll find many thought provoking subjects worth the time to peruse.

Real Leaders
The website of Young President’s Organization’s official leadership magazine. Intended to inspire better leaders for a better world, this site contains leadership editorial, CEO profiles, and topical case studies designed for CEOs by CEOs.

The Conference Board Review
Their tagline, ideas and opinions for the world’s business leaders, says it all. Snappy content on a variety of global business issues important to leaders.

BusinessWatch Network
Great resource through which to stay abreast of industry trends, best management practices, career management and leadership strategies.  Subscribers to the BusinessWatch Network automatically take advantage of News Stream: a proprietary process that searches the web, carefully matching your company & professional profile with online industry information most beneficial to you.

News and Commentary

Foreign Affairs
There are very few businesses of any scale who can’t afford to think globally, and there’s no better publication to inform you on international news and information than Foreign Affairs.

Psychology Today
One of the most thought provoking and informative magazines dealing with the human psyche. Leaders are first and foremost in the people business, and few publications will offer insights into the human condition like this one.

This is where the cool kids hang out for news and information. With 20 million unique visitors and 6 million social media followers, Mashable has become one of the most engaged online news communities. It has both aggregated and original content, and multiple topical channels.

Forbes has some of the best contributors and columnists in the business. While the site does offer hard news, the editorial content is definitely it’s strength – it’s rich and there’s a lot of it.
The site offers aggregated and original content specifically designed for CEOs. Who’s hot or not, in or out, and tips and advice for the chief executive. A great one stop shop for C-level items of interest.

Chief Executive Magazine
Every industry has a leading trade rag, and this is it for CEOs. The site contains news, editorial and research specifically catering to the chief executive.

Wall Street Journal
Still the gold standard for financial news and insightful commentary. Plenty of hard news and some insightful commentary to boot.

The Economist
Consistently sound thinking with a global focus can be found on the Economist. Everything here is fair game; politics, religion, business, education, innovation, and of course, the economy.

Harvard Business Review
Seminal business management magazine, blogs, case studies, articles, books and webinars from the greatest leadership contributors in the world.

Fast Company
This is one of the finest business magazines you'll find. Filled with trend information and thought provoking articles.