Experienced business coaches for an emerging generation of fresh, inspired leaders.

Rapid communications. Fluid organizations. Globalization. Retail technology. Hand held, real time, social networks. The emerging dynamics shaping how we conduct 21st century business is at once daunting yet richly inspiring. And the pace and scale of such change is redefining how we lead organizations. No longer a purely “top-down”, linear venture, leaders today must embrace a virtual world of decision making where communications, expertise, influence and risk are distributed across networks of talented innovators who are smart, agile and independent.

Today’s business enterprise is about building sustainable alliances where leaders influence through networks, negotiating, problem-solving, collaborating and jointly executing. Successful organizations value such leaders as a prized asset – leaders who can build and inspire high impact networks among employees, with vendors, through marketplace partners and alongside consumers and customers. Such leaders are confident and poised in this diverse and ever changing climate, modeling for others the highly valued talents of social intelligence, authenticity, insight, and agility.

Our experience at GCA tells us that winning leaders not only master the content of their businesses but are distinctively agile and expert in affiliating with diverse stakeholders. As research scientists and retail bankers, computer engineers and creative designers, physicians and project managers, these 21st century business leaders may dress casually, but are relentless in their pursuit of excellence; they work hard, but also value life’s many gifts; they work well under pressure but don’t tolerate workplace toxicity; and they relish accountability and expect the same from others.

Developing leaders who can thrive in this fast-paced, demanding business environment requires deliberate and skilled effort and that’s where GCA comes in. As a global alliance of over 80 seasoned coaches, GCA has positioned itself to play a defining role in shaping how executives build and lead organizations in the 21st century.  Our coaches – former executives, published authors, university professors and more – work with leaders to accelerate learning where learning happens: on the job as leaders confront, engage and master challenges.

Our mission at GCA is to partner with leaders as they meet these challenges, pursuing profitability and success while promoting decency, trust and mutual respect; executing at the highest levels of quality and accountability while fostering an authentic, inspired workplace; and encouraging sound, tough minded business practices that are also dedicated to being socially responsible to a broader community of global stakeholders. At GCA, we envision a world where organizations are responsible citizens achieving their mission while promoting health and well-being among people and the communities they inhabit.