Partners in Execution

At Global Coaching Alliance, LLC (GCA), we pride ourselves in being master collaborators, shaping our resources, capabilities and processes to mirror our client challenges. We are a globally-scaled boutique firm by design. Our size allows us to be hands-on and fully engaged with every single one of our client engagements regardless of size and location in the world. Members of our management team bring over 150 years of collective experience to our clients. Our lean operating structure allows us to exceed client expectations with agility and flexibility. The elegance in which we manage our resources and the spirit we bring to our partnerships reflect our values as an organization.

Our contracting conversation and processes ensure that absolute clarity around deliverables and project management are established prior to the launch of a project. Outcome performance measures are clearly identified and serve as benchmarks for both the individual executive, the team, and your organization. We bring an enterprise-wide perspective to our work in order to fully understand the organizational context for identifying, developing and retaining talented leaders. Coaching, whether individual, team or group, unfolds in a broader “living” organizational setting, and we design our services to mirror our client organization’s vision, values and strategy.

We work side-by-side with clients to create and deliver targeted solutions that bring results that delight and impact business performance. Whether it’s helping a key leader tackle a challenge, a manager express more subtle social intelligence skills or a CEO build a new team, GCA aligns first and foremost to your needs. At the heart of our venture are our values: collaboration, impact, elegance, dignity and creating long term value in a fun and energizing environment.

  • Is your business expanding and are you on boarding new leaders who need to get up to speed fast?
    GCA will align experienced coaches with your new leaders to map out and execute a 30 day, 60 day and 90 day on boarding plan designed to orient, focus and inspire leaders toward having an early impact.  
  • Are your high potentials looking to advance, develop and contribute more?
    When hard-working, ambitious high potentials crave professional development, offering hands on, highly skilled coaching support not only develops your future leaders but it lessens the chance they will join the competition.
  • Would you like to better track, manage and account for the coaching engagements within your organization?
    Whether it’s improved cost control, heightened quality assurance or more predictable tracking and reporting, we at GCA can provide comprehensive oversight and management of your coaching program.
  • Are you in the midst of a merger as your managers/leaders engage new colleagues, priorities and processes?
    GCA coaches, many of whom are former executives and experienced HR leaders, have experience working with leaders in balancing urgent business demands with the nuanced leadership challenges of merging organizational cultures.
  • Is your business downsizing, re-locating or contracting?
    Leaders often need experienced one-on-one support as they make and communicate tough decisions. GCA coaches are experienced in helping leaders drive change while preserving the basic health of the organization.